Expressive Flowers

Viva Pink Ornament Roses

Today’s prompt is what brings me joy?

Lovely rows of flowers painted with an ornament and with tones of pink

Let’s see…nature, family, helping others, the moon and stars, a slice of cake, a cup of tea, and the noodle soup I’m about to have for lunch. Painting roses with an ornament brings me joy. Painting gives me confidence and makes me feel free.

To paint these beautiful roses I held a mini ornament in my hand. I wanted to wrap rubber bands around the ornament but the rubber bands wouldn’t stay on the ornament. And I painted. I mixed up some sweet pinks. I dipped the ornament in paint and I painted. The paint should have been thinner. I didn’t want the texture to be thick in some areas. Yet I can imagine these roses in a pink frame. I think I have the first project that will go into the roses folder. Roses are my new project.

Thank you to all of the new subscribers. I appreciate your readership. I’ll be posting an idea pin tutorial for these roses on Pinterest.