Expressive Flowers

Sweet spirit of mine pink flower

A large flower made from various tones of pink

This paper collage flower is my first project, not just of the year but it’s been a while. It felt good to have the time to cut and paste, let my eyes do the arranging and realize that my greatest treasure is me. The #bloganuary prompt for today is what is a treasure that’s been lost? When I create like I did for this project, I create with spirit. The times that I don’t, those times are felt with doubt and worry. In all of that, there is a need to belong. Sometimes I care too much about what people say or think. The truth is I don’t want to belong. It’s not my job to care about what people think of me. I’ll be creating and it’s good!

And then a voice will remind me that I haven’t sold a single project. Yet, I am smiling as I write this. It’s not because of the books or courses I’ve sold. I can’t imagine my world without art. That’s probably why I can’t be a full-time elementary teacher. I wouldn’t have the freedom to create, to teach the way my artistic spirit commands. Art is my center. This year, my word is de colores. I want to live life colorfully. Let my spirit do the thinking and the loving. Far too often it is the ego who speaks. Those situations and circumstances are not me.