Expressive Flowers

Color Palettes of 2022

Here’s a collection of color palettes that made me happy. Color can infulence your mood.

Various papers painted with vibrant orange and pink tones

Fluorescent pink is amazing! Just a little of it makes my oranges brighter. I now have the pinks I want.

I love yellows and pinks. These shades remind me of spring.

Swatching all of my acrylic paints. I want to do a few color swatches for the fluorescent pink and what was the other color I purchased?

Swatching my new Phoenix watercolors. These are close if not the same as Cotman. This was another artist’s observation.

Green and pink painted towels for collage

This napkin painted with markers and liquid watercolor came out cool.

This orange-yellow is warm and happy. I wonder what will happen when I mix a little fluorescent pink with o yellow.

pink and orange paint on a ceramic plate

Sun-kissed pinks!

color scheme for a poster that reads de colores

This is a palette that explains what I hope to continue with my art. There are deep forest greens and warm oranges. I do want my art to be joyful, magical, and playful. The pink is a good example of the pinks I’ve been mixing. It’s a nice pink, but not bright.