Expressive Flowers

(sketch 7) Brushstroke Practice

Two red flowers showing practice with brush strokes and lines

My bottle of Crayola red tempera paint is almost empty. I feel like I should buy more. This tempera paint is easy to work with. I can play because the paint doesn’t dry as fast as acrylic. I’ve been loving EttaVee’s blog. I’ve been looking for a good video or post about how an artist brings vibrant color to life. Found it! I now know that fluorescent pink needs to be on my palette. When she talked about using Magenta and Turquoise as two of her primaries, I was like me too! Painting these poinsettias takes me back to the days when I doodled poinsettias. I didn’t intentionally draw them. I just drew poinsettia flowers. Now that I paint flowers that memory came back to me. Good. The poinsettia tutorial reminded me to have fun and trust the process.

I’m learning to appreciate the days of doodling. I had ideas. And then there’s the days of being incredibly inspired to fingerpaint or stamp with erasers. It’s the curiosity that takes you back to that sense of play. That’s where my best ideas are. What I love most about art is that everything is possible, there’s lovely surprises and most importantly there’s room for all of us!