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Painted Green and Blue Strips Tree

A Christmas Tree made of different greens and blues painted paper strips

I have had this idea on my mind for a few weeks. Oh right, it was a pinterest idea pin. The idea had strips of green paper. I had shades of collage paper. Sometimes I get an idea and I have to do it. During the week I had the honor of painting trees with students. Those trees were Christmas trees. I painted this tree with the magic of Christmas.

By magic, I mean the idea that one man gives gifts to all the children of the world from the goodness in his heart.

By magic I mean the moments when I walk along with nothing but dreams, thoughts, nonsense, trees and my beloved flowers. Suddenly I am overcome with wholeness and peace.

By magic I mean the children who with their interest in writing, smiles and kindness made me forget troubles of the outside world.

By magic I mean a cup of hot cocoa on a cold day.

By magic I mean giving a helping hand because in some way it helps you understand what it truly means to live.

By magic I mean simple socks. It’s cold and you’ve had a long day. Suddenly, you put on your socks. You think to thank the stars above.

Simple is the most magical. Do I believe in magic? Absolutely.

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