Expressive Flowers

Sketching with paint 3

I have two thoughts right now. You don’t need fancy expensive tools to make beautiful art. The other thought comes from James Victoria’s newsletter. What is the purpose of my art?

sketching flowers

Just the mere thought of existing means I am beautiful. I am. We are. I feel honored to be Mexican American. I love the music and these days it’s been Banda and of course the food. I am an artist! All I really need is to create from this appreciation place. I think of all the art I created with my students. We painted awesome art. The best tools we had was ourselves.

The purpose of my art is… that with every project I’m brighter and bolder. My art is colorful, there’s a lot of texture. I experiment and explore with different tools. This love brings me peace. It’s bliss. What else can I say.

Art journals can be expensive. And this one was free. Yes, the paper wrinkles if you add too much paint. It’s thin but I can play. I can still blend a little, enough to paint. As I fill up this journal I’ll be answering and refining the purpose of my art. Here’s sketch 2,