Expressive Flowers

An Artist Signs Her Work

Three paper roll blooms

My name is Mireya Pizarro. I am the artist. I am the writer. I have gone back and forth with how to sign my art. At first I didn’t even sign my work because am I an artist? The verdict must still be out on this one. I just paint. My curiosity needs to be satisfied. It doesnt matter what I’m feeling or thinking. When I pick up the paint brush it’s all play. I love love losing myself in the idea because nothing matters.

So I have gone through creatively hue. This is the name of my site and blog. I have signed my art with Mireya. I recently blogged about my name and how I’m usually the only one. Now I’m thinking MP. Morgan Harper Nicols signs her work MH. I like it.

Any way I had to share this. I want something that is easy to remember. Do you ovethink little things like this. It’s that CatCoq uses her signature to promote her brand. I want people to find my work too.

How do you sign your work? Do you sign your work?