Expressive Flowers

Let’s Yellow Collage Flower

yellow collage flower with the words let's written inside

What project did I wrip the leaves from? The texture in these leaves is just too beautiful to throw away. Let’s is a mood. It’s exactly what I was feeling. I started this project by cutting a flower shape and then painting it. Now I paint the paper like I do for collage. I hold the texturred paper in my hands and le ideas come to me. I have a pile of sheets. The yellow sheet with its strokes of orange inspired me. And let’s is the word.

Let’s say yes

Let’s go for a walk in sneakers and a dress

Let’s paint with our fingers

Let’s read a book and turn off the ringer

Let’s write the book

Let’s give that idea a second look

Let’s stop the excuses

Be the woman who refuses

Yes, nice little poem to start my week. Have a good week. If you enjoyed this post then be a subscriber.