Expressive Flowers

You are blooming

This morning was sweatshirt cold. Barely sprinkling, it felt like fall. I walked past white, pink, red, and yellow roses. Even in this type of weather, the roses were blooming with color. Sure some of the roses had brown petals. But the glimpse of color was enough to visualize spring.

And of course, this idea reflects my personal thoughts. Sometimes I write like someday I will bloom. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in the I’m not good enough phase. I try too hard. Overthink. Over apologize. I am a fan of EttaVee, James Victore, Ana Victoria Calderon, Carrie Schmitt, Corita Kent, and Morgan Harper Nicols and my favorite artwork of all is School of Athens.

Am I a fan of my work? I read Road Trip. I hand-wrote the words. I drew the illustrations. The story made me laugh. I like my blooms and my peacock. These projects make me say wow, there’s so much more I can do. Think of all the ideas yet to be painted. It feels good to say I’m blooming. I’m growing. Every part of the process is growth.

I am living, breathing, and always blooming. If I create from that place–when I create from this place it’s amazing.

You are bloomg. What a great addition to the wild thoughts flower paper collage book. Your turn. Make a collage flower and write a message. Give yourself the advice you seek. tag me @creatively.hue