Expressive Flowers

Bloom especially…

Interesting topic this morning. I was thinking about Sunday’s post. I thought about my bird of paradise painting. And here I am writing. This morning’s conversation pairs perfectly with bloom especially if you’re the only one who looks like a bird.

We all have a difference. Some call it weirdness and ostracize you for it. If you look at nature, there are colors, traits, and skills. Nature is the biggest most beautiful masterpiece. I wrote a book on this! Why would we ever want to change that? Yet we do. Here’s the conversation.

My name is Mireya Pizarro. I’ve always admired my name because I’m usually the only one. I love my culture and my curves. But there was a time that I didn’t appreciate who I was. I didn’t want to speak Spanish or listen to music. Now that I think of it, I did listen to Spanish music at home but I didn’t mention it at school. I didn’t want to stand out. As an artist, all I want is to stand out.

Let this marvelous Sunday be about just being you. My culture, ethnic background, spirit, and soul, that’s the artist. And I am an artist.



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