Expressive Flowers

Peacock and tulips

Blue peacock with shades of pink tulips

This was an unexpected project.

I have worked on a paper collage peacock.

Catcoq had this post on building an audience for your art. One of her most popular Instagram reels features a a peacock painted with metallic watercolors. And I have been wanting to paint birds surrounded by beautiful colorful flowers. I’ve seen Carrie Schmitt’s artwork. The real motivation came from an artist who simply wanted to paint art that represents who she is. DomoINK is pretty cool!

I’ve been working on my peacock for days. I sketched my design. I planned a color palette. I erased the flower sketches. Now I have colorful tulip shapes. Not sure what to think of this design but it was great practice! The shapes are colorful. I’ll keep sketching, I’ll keep painting. Tomorrow I’ll work on collage flowers.