Expressive Flowers

Trust and love the Process

There I was admiring EttaVee’s strokes of bright colors. Her words resonated. I too am looking through my work and posting designs in my shop. And I realized that I don’t appreciate my work enough. I have and like painting with indifference. I’m in my zone. I get an idea. I want to see it. I work or should I say play until it’s finished. It’s beautiful!

The first story I wrote was Bellisia. She is a bee who is destined to be queen. She has her ideas of the kind of queen she’d like to be. Claude is feared because he’s a big bear. All Claude wants is to paint. The book was meant to celebrate the uniqueness that lies within each of us. I spent a summer writing and editing. I have the sketches of the characters but the story didn’t work. Then Wise Trees came and after that Different Is Beautiful. Different Is Beautiful is my childhood curiosity. Fast forward to my flowers. I paint wildflowers with wild thoughts. With every flower I am brighter and bolder. I get something out of every project.

Project are my love, hope and breath of fresh air.. When I paint I meditate. I learn. I reflect. I’m glad I was born an artist.