Expressive Flowers

Pink and sparkle flowers for a blanket

One of the quotes for my collage flowers is as follows:

It’s the small ideas that lead to the biggest blooms. What happens in the middle is endurance, love and spirit.

I’ve been sketching with pencil and paper. Now I’m sketching with color. I was browsing product selections on Society 6. Throw blankets? When the day is cold, you can come home, and wrap yourself up in bright flowers. I like it!

I was tired as I painted these flowers. Suddenly the colors made me smile and free of tired thoughts. I want to continue to paint for joy. In the meantime, I’m practicing. I can review creating surface patterns. Most importantly, I can spread happiness. Creatively Hue is about small ideas and what happens in the middle. With every project, I am brighter and bolder. Ok I need to practic!