Expressive Flowers

Fun tea cups to drink out of

I’m still in my sketching phase. I have been thinking of these.

I’ve been archiving my work. I deleted a good amount of work. Out with the old and in with the new. And then Catcoq’s weekly prompt is to open a print-on-demand shop or add work to your existing shop. Her mug suggestions gave me an idea. I sketched my designs with a pencil. I mixed lovely shades of blue and pink. I took my time. Painting felt good…free. Oh but visions of my mad mugs danced in my head. I wanted fun mugs to drink my tea in. I like my mugs but something’s missing. So I did a little Anthropologie research. I saw tall mugs, slightly lopsided mugs, mugs with heart shaped handles, mugs with circle handles, a heart shaped mug…FUN colorful mugs.

I should have painted my mad mugs. I should have painted the ideas that were in my head. I want fun, colorful mugs that I painted. I like the idea of mad mugs. The Mad Tea Party is fun, colorful perhaps a little bonkers. It’s a party I certainly want to attend.