Expressive Flowers

New Header, Heading New Places

I forget what post I was reading at the time, but the word momentum was included. Momentum. The days when I am surrounded by my supplies and stillness. My mind and my heart are where they need to be. I paint and the hours go by. Since I’ve been on this topic, my There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower book comes to mind.

This was my thought process for the book.

100 ways? That’s a lot, can I do it?
I’ll challenge myself to 200 ideas.
I keep checking off the list.
I still have 30 ideas to go.
Wow I never noticed this color before.
Forget the list. I just want to paint.
Go for a walk. Explore.
Keep painting.

And so for this glorious Sunday, I post for the work that was, for the practice that is. I just read the book. It is good and so right! Want to get your copy of There’s No Right Way to Paint A Flower. Thank you for your support. Like these blooming thoughts and art? Subscribe so you’ll be the first to know about new books and courses. You can get these post right in your mailbox.