Expressive Flowers

Alma Libre-Paper Collage Art

Colorful letters spelling Alma Libre on a blue background

Alma Libre means free soul in Spanish. Quiero Ser is one of my favorite songs. In English, it means I want to be. The song is about being a free soul, a soul that falls in love. Amaya’s words make me dance and sing too:”Quiero ser, una palabra serena y clara
Quiero ser, un alma libre, de madrugada. Oh, and my favorite book is about teachings to free the creative spirit. With every breath, I exhale and inhale serenity, and clarity and wander among the midnight city lights. I paint colorful art for the spirit.

And what better time than Hispanic Heritage to say I don’t need a holiday or month because loving you and doing what you do is mas que a month. Mas Que A Month is Target’s theme. I’ve been reading and seeing that colorful clothes and home decor are in. That’s great but why wait for a trend to tell us that it’s ok to be colorful. This year my theme was about making art. No matter what I think or feel about my work, make art anyway. What I think and feel isn’t really what I think and feel. The doubt, the what if’s that’s not us. The truth is in the big spirits who pick up the paintbrush, splatter, and mix every color on the palette to see what happens.

Let this colorful Alma Libre be about taking care of you. Taking that dance, allowing yourself the chance. Here’s to the wonderful gift of nature. Here’s to making art that’s brighter and bolder. Here’s to your art.

This week I’ll be working on painting trees, painting roses, and gaining clarity with what I really want to say with my art. It feels like I’m wrapping the year up and I am. I know there are changes to be made. I’ve been looking at Wix and reviewing my business skills.

As always thank you for reading. Be a subscriber if you haven’t. Share this with your friends if you believe they’ll enjoy it. I’m excited for what’s to come.