Expressive Flowers

In a Blue Moon Sunflower

Interesting story. I wasn’t sure where this was going. I started painting and the circle made me think of the moon.

Blue sunflower painted with various shades of blue

I worked with one shade of blue. It was too light. Then the color was too dark. I blended and lifted color with a brush. Out of nowhere, I had a glow. It’s a glowing moon. I kept mixing various blues. I kept painting and uttering motivational words. Keep working. Keep mixing. It will be good. If not, it’s practice.

I added a little orange to my green because orange is complementary to blue. This is confidence for the Hispanic Heritage paper flowers I want to paint. I want to explore warm blue tones. I love the idea of using color to express emotions. Blue makes me think of George Michael’s song lyrics: “I gotta have faith.” And to paint your best work, you have to have faith right? Faith in yourself allows you to be free.

Posting three days a week is working out well! I am able to have fun reflecting on my process.