Expressive Flowers

Now that’s a Sunflower!

Peach and Pink Petal Collage Sunflower

Today I had a wonderful day! We can always have a good day right? Carrie posted beautiful blooms with the caption joyful exploration. Joyful Exploration! That is exactly what happened today. Joyful exploration is where my best work happens. I painted a few sunflowers, a field of blue flowers, added a smile is free collage flowers to my collection, and worked on sketches for a logo. I feel like Mireya got her groove back.

Did I really have creative block? No. I always have ideas. My mind is filled wth beautiful blooms. The problem is I become the experiences I am experiencing instead of proactively asking what does this have to do with me? I should always choose love.

Wait, the blue green paper I just painted will be a better match. That’s what I love about collage. You can layer new color. Here’s to painting more collage flowers and possibly a mermaid with flower hair. A mosic tail? Why not. I’m working on pinterest video tutorials to help me preprare for my creative exploration course.

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