Expressive Flowers

Blue Flat Brush Blooms

I took the paper roll idea and give it one more try. A paper roll creates interesting texture. The stigmas are a lovely yellow ochre but I just couldn’t stand the scale texture. And so I had all of these ideas, but blue flowers appeared.

I seem to have a large pile of redos. That’s ok, I have Monday off and a birthday to celebrate! I realize more than ever, that I want more than anything to paint all day. To be in my place of play. This is the career of my dreams. I’m still working on the collage course. I’m working on more collage wildflowers. I enjoy working with students. They are constantly teaching me that the best learning happens when you see what happens if you mix every watercolor in the palette. That spirit lives in each of us.

Here are some of my favorite ideas

What I love most about my art are the color and warm thoughts. Most of the time I paint with an idea, sure. Yet I never really know what the blooms will look like until I’ve finished. Maybe what I love most is a possibility. Do I have the if at first flower in my shop? It should be. Let this post serve as a reminder to keep doing my thing. It’s time to be brave. I was born brave. We all were!