Expressive Flowers

Smile Paper Collage Flower

Doesn’t the smile bloom make you smile? The brushstrokes and color make me smile. I’ve been holding on to the green paper. Oh but the lines create such a texture! I like the other quote too.

You are a part of nature. Nature is living breathing and beautiful!

These words make me smile too. I was supposed to write, not sure what the original thought was but these words work! I should spend time writing for these blooms. Eventually, I will have a book full of these blooms. Each page, has its own thought, color, and texture.

I”m looking for a stamp to replace my awesome candle lid. I can get like an old wall texture. Oh that’s right, I used yellow green collage paper for the leaves and stem isntead of the painted ones. It’s even better.

Pink flower with world needs love quote

These paper collage flowers help declutter my mind, meditate, breathe, pray, reflect, LOVE, play and smile! That is everything I want my art to be. It’s going to be a great book. I know I’m not the only one who needs my expressive wildflowers.

Alright so what am I working on this week?

Let’s see more collage blooms, of course, acrylic flowers with a q-tip technique I saw on Pinterest, lunchtime writing and sketching, add work to my shop and what shall I paint to celebrate my birthday?