Expressive Flowers

Acrylic Paint Swatches

Student grade. Premium. Hard Body. Soft Body. Fluid. All of these have a special place on my palette.

Today I took the chance to share my art with children. It was the first day of school. What better way to overcome first day nerves than paint. My plan was to have the children paint paper to make butterflies. Oh, but the children had their own ideas!

The textures, the mixing, blending, choosing color, what focus and confidence! Did they make a mess? Yes! Water was spilled on half the table. They didn’t mind. Neither did I. All of the students painted like true artists. No one gave them permission. They just picked up the brush and painted. The other activity was answering a question?

What do I want to be when I grow up?

What does all this have to do with swatching my acrylic paint? Do you want to be an artist? Pick up the paintbrush and paint! Try this. Try that. Try it all. Adjust accordingly. I’ll hold this experience dear as I move forward with this blog and teach my creative collage course.

I showed up to teach them. Yet I was inspired. I’m going to write a poem about this experience. A few Anthropologie-inspired blooms? I’ll finish the blue Blue Wildflowers I started.