Expressive Flowers

Peach Ornament Stamp Flowers

Ornament stamped flowers with pink acrylic paint

I love painting these ornament stamp flowers. You take a small ornament, dip it into paint and apply to paper in a swirl motion. Or is it a circle motion? I have a typical smooth shiny red ornament. I wonder how that would work? I added a splash of blue paint to the mix. With all this pink and peach there had to be a splash of blue. I may just have these blooms on a white background to emphasize color.

If you’ve read my last posts, you know that I’ve been in this unapologetically me mood. And as I painted ornament flowers I thought of the simple yet unexpected that leads to true beauty. Writing songs for the Saturday Night Fever in a weekend? It was done. One of the greatest movies of all time. I saw those movies last night and the music made me move. I love to sing and dance! My point is all that we need is right here with us. The painting, the awesome song is right here within us. All we need is to follow the words of how Michelangelo sculpted David.

It’s easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.

Chipping away stone takes work. Lots of work!

What I love most about these ornament blooms is if I could do this with an ornament what else can I do? I’m going to go stamp with a mechanical pencil eraser. I’ll let you know what happens.