Expressive Flowers

Sign or Don’t Sign?

That is the question?

I have work signed with creatively hue. I have work signed with Mireya. My name is pronounced Me-Rey-A with emphases on the r. I love my name as it’s unmistakable. I’m probably the only Mireya you’ve heard of. I’ve always been happy with that. It was only when others had a hard time pronouncing my name that I adopted the nickname Myra. Then I stopped signing my art. Probably thought I wasn’t artist enough. I’m painting. I’m creating. This is my place. My practice. My art.

I’m working on my signature. For the full post visit my Instagram Signing your name on your artwork means more than signing your name on your work. Signing your name says this is unapologetically me.

Thank you new followers. There’s lots more blooming and blogging to come. I would love to see your work. Find and follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and here. I enjoy seeing your art.