Expressive Flowers

Pink daisies and a smile

three pink daisies pn a peach and pink watercolor wash background

Oh right I stamped these daisies with a paper roll!

Cut out your petal shapes from a paper roll

Lather up your brush with a lovely pink

Paint the roll and stamp

Add a little white to the leftover paint

Lather again and fill in gaps with happy petals

Use friendship yellows to paint the stigmas

Last but not least go crazy, build a watercolor and acrylic texture

I’m missing my candle lid

I had to write my words poetically. The magic, so to speak, transcends into what you do. Being able to enjoy the process, helps you make art, then comes freedom. The emotions, and positive energy that you feel in the creative process become the art. I guess that’s what James Victore advocates for when he says, “It doesn’t matter what your art looks like. What matters is what you say.”

You may have noticed but my writing has been more relaxed playful and all that I intend for creatively hue to be. Coincidently, I’m see new followers every day. Thank you! Let’s just paint the world beautiful!