Expressive Flowers

Work with what you have

What you have is beautiful. Beautiful is you.

On my afternoon walk I thought about my beginner days. I’m still a beginner. I want to learn more. I never want to stop learning. I saw tempera watercolor tubes at the dollar store. That made me think of my first watercolor set. It was a Crayola Educational set. Then I thought of Lindsay the Frugral Crafter and her dollar tree watercolor testing. Different tools perform different but simple tools make the most beautiful art.

Stamping with candle lids. Painting trees with q-tips. My recent paper napkin and marker watercolor textures. I could fill this whole page with ideas. This blog is filled with these ideas. When I started painting I always thought about what tools to use. Most of us don’t get started soon enough because we don’t have the right tools. Ok there’s only so much you can do with a dollar set of watercolors. Just because it’s high end paint doesn’t mean it’s going to be great either. I’m always going to love cotman’s yellow ochre. Here’s to enjoying our summer. Here’s to having fun.

We always like to ask. How do I get started? What tools do I use? How do I learn techniques? How do I paint like you? There’s only two ways to be an artist: start and make.

Usually I end with siempre but today