Expressive Flowers

Ribbon hand painted paper?

What a great idea! On this journal session I gathered a few objects. I didn’t know what I’d create but the objects would ignite my curiosity.

I could write my poems or project pages on paper with ribbon lines. Watercolor worked pretty good. Acrylic will be better. You know what, this is a great idea for my collage flower quote/poem book. The ribbon lines give my words a love note postcard feel.

I realize that I’ve been showing you most of my daily journal work. I kept thinking, why am I sharing this? These are just ideas. But that’s just it! Ideas happen as you work. I share my work to show you that being an artist is a process. You let go of everything and create. One idea leads to the next. I’m building up my confidence too. I’m working on a collage course. I’m adding new work to the shop. Once the journal is filled with ideas. I can go through and choose the ones I want to redo. I should film it. My journal is helping me share videos of my work. I have a bunch of them on pintererst.

Thank you to the new subscribers. Oh wait, I think I have an idea for my next book project. You see it begins with one and the ideas keep coming!

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