Expressive Flowers

Art takes time


stamping with acrylic paint and a candle lid

watercolor wash

blending and layering with watercolor

collaging over painting mistakes

You can say yes to all your ideas. It’s art. There’s no wrong. Art takes time. I’ve had a wonderful time creating with students. All their ideas were amazing. That’s the voice we should always listen to. Did I really get to spend five glorious days teaching art? Oh yeah, I’ll be smiling for days! Truth be told, I was the student. You don’t need fancy tools. You just need YOU.

Every time we say we can’t, it’s an outside force. We were born with a notion of yes I can.

These three blooms went through many phases. It was good. It was ok. Now it’s great. All along as I mixed I could have gone down two paths: this is awful I’m throwing it away or I have no idea what I’m doing but I want to try this. All of a sudden you’re on fire and the next thing you know it’s a where did that come from. AWESOME.

Not knowing is the best place to be.