Expressive Flowers

Red Roses. Watercolor. You.

Two Red Watercolor Roses

Before I painted these roses, there were 4 pink roses and two dahlias. All were mixed in beautiful shades of pink. I used a little pink to make a green shade for the leaves. Everything was looking good. I was merely painting as I thought about my day. Then Carrie Schmit’s roses popped in my head. I looked at my blooms and thought, something’s missing? Maybe even wrong. Then it was on to Cat Coq’s color scheme. That led to leaves in all shades of green—too much green. It was downhill from there. No.

I folded up the mess and painted two red roses. I painted the way I paint roses. I painted the way I visualized. I want to improve the white areas but these red roses are beautiful! I’ve been paitning with acrylic so much that I forgot how much I love the sporadic beauty of watercolor. These are the flowers and creative flow I want more of. I love Carrie’s work but I can’t paint my work if I’m too busy thinking about how her work looks?