Expressive Flowers

World Needs Love Flower

Wow! I love the color and the stamp texture. I need to find more objects to stamp with. There’s this artist on Instagram. She stamps with all kinds of objects. I love love my candle lid. It’s rusting because I wash it after use. Oh, stamping wth a doile pattern would be fun.

This design did take some time. This was version two. What a version! I’m giggling. I’m smiling. My acrylic set is limited. I’m mixing all of the colors myself. Looking good. By the way this design was inspired by a window display at Anthropologie. Do I still have the image?

I do!

My pages were ripped out of an old agenda. I should write a book filled with paper book flowers. Each page has a thought, a poem, or laughable words. I may have to now. I do. I will. I have plenty of journal pages left. I’m excited about all the new ideas to come. This flower will be great for the collage course.