Expressive Flowers

Let’s Just Paint and Be Happy

A third-grade class doing spinning art? I should have taken photos. There was blending and foregoing the brush to finger paint. Everyone started with primary colors. The colors they mixed were purple, teal, avocado green…

I hadn’t planned on teaching art but it was a wonderful surprise. What I saw was a genuine focus. They tried one color or one technique. If it didn’t work they layered over it and kept working. There was no, I can’t do this. I don’t know how. Can I throw this away? I don’t think they planned on making wonderful art today. In fact, they were surprised when I commented on their work. It was interesting to see the different splatters. blending color and space techniques.

Then I came home and got to work on my art. What a day. These pink flowers say it all. It was wonderful to take a break from it all and just paint.