Expressive Flowers

Wild Rose Ink and a Cheap Brush Later

three blooms in a ceramic pot-painted with mixed media

I used my round stamp to paint the petals. The beautiful pink with ink and gouache was an interestig idea. This paper is mixed media but it’s terrible for watercolor. When I stamped I made more of a mess. The paint dried with blotches. Instead of the watercolor magic it just stayed and absored into the paper like a napkin. I should recreate the pink and swatch it on watercolor paper. Oh but the ombre effect on the vase is beautiful. Now that I know I can paint like this, I will on watercolor paper. Seems like I’ve been back and forth. It’s all in a good day of creative exploration.

What I love most about art is that the process satisfies my curiosity. I wrote these words in the last post and probably in others but it’s for good reason! Love the process and you’ll learn more. Here’s to making more messes. The land of a cheap brush that’s great, on the right paper. Here’s to posting work and who cares what people think. Yes, that is my kind of place.

Thank you for those of you who emailed suggestions for redesigning my website. I appreciate you!