Expressive Flowers

Blue and Pink Flat Brush Florals

7 navy blue flowers with white and pink details

…painting with the handle of a palette knife gives interesting textures. I was experimenting with blending two colors as I paint. What I am learning here is color schemes. This photo is dark and the bright color isn’t as bright as it truly is. Color always looks better when I scan it.

I have been having fun with the spray bottle. The way the splatters dry, you can’t control that. Isn’t it pretty! Oh, and the biggest lesson is that painting with acrylic is like using frosting from a container. You can’t use it out of the container. You have to mix the frosting until it’s creamy. That’s the same with acrylic paint. Golden is thick so you really have to mix it, and with a palette knife. Oh but the pink, green and blues are heaven.

Wait till you see the yellow blooms I painted. I’m working on filling the entire page with color. I’m using white ink and pens to add details. Making mistakes? Not going to worry about it. I’m an artist. I paint beautiful flowers. The voice shows up but I’m focused on what’s going to happen next. Wait, that’s the biggest lesson.

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