Expressive Flowers

Just a Sunday in Summer Thought

Today I want to share some quotes. These words are filled with the vibes I’m feeling and thinking.

pink and orange paint on a ceramic plate

Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is always accomlished.

Tabitha Brown

Color was not given to us to imitate nature. It was give to us to express our emotions.

Henri Matisse

Nature is beautiful. Nature is so colorful, different and unique. Nature is the only true masterpiece. I must do something with that thought. Maybe a book or a zine? An art print? Yesterday, I was walking through a row of trees. I could feel the breeze, and the birds were singing. I can still feel the breeze. Tabitha’s words came at the moment when I was reflecting on my journal. I’ve been working on a flower idea every day.

I let go. I can sit and take the time to paint. Painting takes time. You have to have the quiet time where you just paint. Maybe you can put on your music, dance a little. Or have a cup of tea. You don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. You don’t need a lot of time. Some days I paint for and hour or two and others 30 minutes. There was another artist, EttaVee who posted about working early in the morning before her girls get up.

I’m grateful for my painting sessions. I got the memo loud and clear. Focus on the process. Have fun with color and BE. Some ideas will start out great and then flop. Others will be a complete turn around BUT there’s a gem in EVERY painting. I’m going to keep learning and growing.