Expressive Flowers

Flying by the seat of my soul

the words flying by the seat of my sould are surrounded by pink and orange flowers

Not sure where I read this quote, but flying by the seat of my soul is the definition of me falling in love with the moon and the stars. These days I seem to be draw to a tree’s breeze. Everything I want and need has to do with nourishing my spirit, my soul. Everything I paint is for my spirit. All the classrooms I choose to be part, of help me. Even the classrooms who make me think twice, are a great help. I sat down with my journal. I was going to paint blue flowers.

Yes, something these.

turn a mistake into blooms by painting flowers

Flying by the seat of my soul took over. Flying by the seat of my soul represents why I paint and how I paint. I had such a wonderful time that I kept painting flowers without a care. I’ll fix the happy mistakes and bring it together on the computer. I added these words to the first page of my website. I painted them for a cover banner. Now I have all of these blooms and word art. After that I painted blue roses. The blue roses are the beginning of many roses I shall paint. Oh and the start of a sticker collection for Redbubble? Why not.

To see how the print turned out click here.