Expressive Flowers

Smile Bloom

Painted paper always feels like painted paper. As I begin cutting and pasting, the paper turns into a beautiful bloom. I’ll observe the paper and choose a texture for a leaf. Yes, I’ll see the leaf and cut the paper around it. Michealangelo defined sculpture in the same way. You take away all that doesn’t belong. The art process, my art process is about the same idea. Isn’t it? The idea, the masterpiece, the bloom, it’s always there. We simply have to chisel away the doubt, the voices…and focus on the making.

With each stroke, I get closer and closer to the art that is neither good nor bad. I can constructively look at my art. I keep cutting. I keep pasting. I keep painting. What do you think? Not sure why I’ve been thinking about Michelangelo’s idea but I’m going to think if that as I look at a blank watercolor page.

With Love,


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