Expressive Flowers

No particular place needed to bloom

7 pink and orange ornament flowers

What’s that saying about no particular place…it’s in no particular place where the best songs are written, the best art is created, the rarest of gems are found and where you fall in love. Not sure when or how I thought to stamp flowers with an ornament but there was no particular plan. I am so glad I listened. Art helps you listen. There’s a voice inside each of us. This is the voice of truth.

Here’s to bright days and relying more on our sense of being.

For these lovely friendship blooms, I stamped with a min ridged ornament. You apply paint to the bottom of the ornament and stamp on the paper in a circular motion. Allow the paint to mostly dry and then use a damp brush to blend in wet areas. That’s it! I love painting these blooms.

With Love,