Expressive Flowers

Going back to the basics

three flat brush florals

Picking up a few new supplies has been great. I’ve been going back to the basics. By basics I mean no agenda, no specific tool just curiosity and play. I let my eyes choose and mix the color. I choose one brush, right now it’s a flat one. Feels like I’m falling in love with quinacridone magenta all over again. Oh, and watching Carrie Schmitt’s live painting party was wonderful inspiration. I’m repainting old favorites. I’m appreciating my own work. Yes, I sorted a file of MY old work and I’m on fire. All of a sudden, I have lots of flowers to paint. Oh, and I just remembered, there’s a new book idea too. I have to write the book. I will.

These petals were created with random left-hand strokes. I have a few more details to add. What’s the rush, right? I have time and so much more to paint.

This sense of play is what brings, or should I say, reveals our best work. I am open and ready to accept all the blooms that I have yet to paint. My best work is here. It’s always been here. I just have to let go and be like water. Ha. In the meantime, paint.

With love,