Expressive Flowers

Flowers Inspired by Autumn Colors

7 orange and red flowers on a watercoior wash

So I become a better artist by showing up and being present in the experience? I had a watercolor wash that needed loving. It almost went into the trash. Instead, I took an Oval Wash brush and painted. Sure I thought about the blooms I’ve been seeing. They’re big, colorful and encouraging. AND I painted.

Here’s to more work that doesn’t have to go into a book or in the shop. Here’s to work that will be just doodling fun. Here’s to a doodly fun summer!

Doodling fun has to come before the collage class. Doodling fun has to come before the next project. I’ve learned a lot with each project. I should do a review of all the books I’ve written. There’s short stories and poems. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. I do this for me, for my spirit. I know my words and art help you too and that feels good.