Expressive Flowers

Thank You Blooms

Thank you for blooming in the sun.

Wishing I had the hill where I can run.

For finding a book about Amanda Gorman

For all the fish who swim extra miles with just one fin

For the girl in the wheelchair

She built musical flowers and trees because she cares.

For the flowers that always keep me on track.

Your breeze, your love, there’s nothing I lack.

For remembering how good it feels to breathe.



It’s a miracle, so lyrical!

For the bees who went buzzing from flower to flower.

The breeze, the life, the color, it’s just so powerful!

Thank You!

I love writing these little poems. These words always make me feel so, right here and now. I sat today watching bees go from flower to flower. That is what I want more of in my life. That is what makes me smile. That is why I want to run my creative business. I want more of that. Those moments help me write such words. These words help me. I know they can help you too.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing plans for my blog. I have good ideas for the summer. I have a new book project. I am always on the lookout for ideas and new tools. Please email me or find me on Pinterest. Instagram is a good place too.