Expressive Flowers

Ornament Flowers Book Cover

There’s no right way to paint a flower. That was the title from the beginning. I added a few new flowers. This book has changed the way I create. Even now I found this amazing artist. She paints acrylic flowers. Then she embroiders details over them. Her blooms are colorfully amazing! And then I go back to my work. I feel like I am still looking for my colorfully amazing.

The truth is, every now and then I feel it. I paint with it. Then the carefree painting disappears. I forget that we all walk different, but we are the same. We are the same love. This summer, just like that I decided to let go. I’ll paint flowers. I choose to be inspired by the ideas in There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. Yes, I’ll be inspired my book and on a spiritual quest.

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