Expressive Flowers

Much Love Blooms

Ever see colorful blooms breezing in the sun. The sun feels warm but the breeze, now that’s a rhythm you want to dance to. I remember the day I painted these blooms. Actually, the paper was painted. I pulled out my folder. It’s filled with colorful paper. Not as cool as Eric Carle’s paper but as cool as mine.

Why do I get upset over the silliest situations? Why do I hold back? Why do I worry about what people say? It’s as a friend reminded me; you are not these situations. You are a spirit. You are blessed. I am not giving justice to his words, but I will never forget them. He spoke such truth!

These blooms came from me, my spirit. These blooms came from nature and how it makes me feel. There’s no right. There’s no wrong. It just is. We simply are! That is much love.

This weekend I’m going to paint. I’m going to have fun! I needed that reminder. I really do.

much love.