Expressive Flowers

Earth Day!

Today is Aril 22 and everybody knows today is Christmas, Happy Birthday to whoever’s being born. Yes, I like that song. Oh, there’s De Colores and The World is a Rainbow. Earth day shouldn’t just be a day. We could celebrate Earth Day every day by being kind, being respectful, singing, painting doing whatever our thing is. Of course, it’s taking care of our land and the animals and plants in it.

I like the, I Am the Earth song too. I forget what artist said it, but he said that nature is an extension of us. Isn’t that why we resonate with the shores of Whitehaven beach?

My art is colorful because it represents a colorful life. My work is inspiration to play and encourages you to be you. That’s what Different Is Beautiful is all about. Do you have the eBook? The paper pack is available too. Get your eBook copy for free. Beginning this weekend.

This is a hand painted collage art animal book about self love. It's dedicated to us.

This book is one of my best projects. It’s my childhood curiosity. I want more of that in my life.