Expressive Flowers

The Mind of an Artist

blue watercolor collage flower

First of all. this image doesn’t give justice to the actual color. The blue ink and the green collage are right together. I like painting pops of color. Ok another artist said that, but I am borrowing it. Today I was working on tulips in shades of pink. I was pairing green collage patterns and papers. I thought about the street art in the Art District.

It’s been a few days since I roamed those streets, taking photos and just taking it all in. The art was social, political and self-love. And the self-love part is my thing. It’s why I create. My colorful art is mindfulness. Yes, I make colorful art. Making colorful art helps me be me. Art is our freedom of expression. Art is our voice. It’s how we can speak the truth and do for the greater good OF ALL OF US. Isn’t art wonderful that way!