Expressive Flowers

Eraser Stamp Pink Flowers

monotone pink flowers made with an eraser stamp

I had an old pink eraser. I cut it up into squares, and triangles. Of course, there’s quinacridone magenta with a little white mixed in. I began stamping and… these are the expressive flowers I want to paint. It’s the play, you never know what will happen. I love it!

This is one of the ideas I have in the book Creative Bloom.

Stamping flowers with Indian Yellow

Creative Bloom is getting a little makeover. The new title will be, There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. Earth Day will be my relaunch day. This coming week I’ll be working on the edits. It’s a good read. The Magic of Color is finished. I have some lovely neutral florals to add and a few other details, but the book is finished! I have more edits to go but I feel like the book is in this good enough to share because if I don’t I never will. phase

The book will be free for a very limited time. Make sure you subscribe.

Is this post all over the place? Yes! I have been finishing The Magic of Color. Since I am at the stage of setting it aside, I am working on these flowers. Oh, right I’m trying to put everything I do in one solid idea.

Why do I create what I do? I have been thinking I need a new website. I wanted a better layout and going back and forth. I’m going to forget all of that and focus on the why.

I am an artist. I paint expressive florals because I want to make colorful art and be me.