Expressive Flowers

Thank you for being a reader!

three peach yellow blooms with the words feel the breeze dance with ease.

I just want to say thank you for subscribing and for your kind words. Creatively Hue is Creatively You. Who you are is creative, amazing, brilliant and love! Yes, I know there is only one Kobe Bryant but there’s also only one you. In Different is Beautiful I show how all the animals are distinctive, rare and different. Each with its own color and traits. The same can be said about us. I share that in You Are Loved and Wise Trees. Wise Trees is momentarily unpublished, but I will republish it soon. Live Your Love Story is a good read too.

I just want to make colorful art and be me. By being me, I just want to be. Please subscribe. Check out my art. I want to see your art. Email me. Find me on Pinterest. I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately.