Expressive Flowers

Hello Love, Pink Blooms-Collage

hello love pink blooms

While I get ready for the relaunch of Creative Bloom and my new book the magic of color, I want to focus on nature. My portfolio is all about nature! Spring is two weeks away! I’ve been working on a lot of collage. There’s something about turning random scraps of paper into beautiful.

That’s what love is. You may be in a funk. You have an idea. You start working on the project. All these, this is what you should do, voices emerge. You may have a complete mess but even then, love is there.

Love is inside each of us.

Love is our talents, our skills.

Love is in every breathe.

Love is the mountains of Colorado.

Love is the flowers that bloom.

Love is the trees and all their breeze.

I am an artist. For some reason I struggle with calling myself an artist. At the time of this writing a local high school student is exhibiting her work. It’s her first solo show and she’s in high school. I am immensely excited for her. I heard someone say wow, I can’t even draw a simple figure. I felt the same way. I would love to exhibit my work! No not for the fame but to give others what I feel when I create. It feels so free.

This flower didn’t turn out good the first time. Collage helped me bring this piece together. The point is to keep going. Somehow, someway love always guides you.

And so, I say draw and paint what you’re good at. Keep creating your art. Everybody is an artist. There is room for everybody! Hello love.