Creative Exploration

It is always a good day pink flower

It is going to be a good day pink and orange flower

I’ll start tomorrow. The painting didn’t go well today. Let me order the good paint and brush. Then my flowers will look better. I want to teach a class but I’m not ready. I don’t feel like it, today’s just not a good day. The things I say sometimes. What’s that quote about thoughts are things? Thoughts are truly things, and they’ll take you wild places. Oh, that’s it, I should do a collage Dr. Suess quote. It’ll be a tribute to Eric Carle too!

Every day is always a good day. Right here, in this moment I am alive and well. Let me be grateful. Let me always know that today I can move forward. Maybe I don’t feel like painting, but I will write. Don’t feel like painting? Of course, I feel like painting! This flower is dedicated to all those thoughts that can either go wildly wonderful or wildly destructive.