Creative Exploration

Unique Hairstyles

I found an interesting self-love project. You roll the dice. If the dice lands on a straight line, you draw a strand of straight hair. There’s zig zag, squiggle, swirl and scallop lines. I printed 25 copies to share with a class. I went over the rules. I roll the dice. They draw. One brilliant kid said, can I just create whatever I want? I questionably said OK. Would it still be a we’re all uniquely beautiful project? Oh, it was!

The kids drew according to their favorite color, book character and I’m not sure what they were thinking, perhaps emotions? The kids didn’t follow the rules. The kids made up their own rules and in doing so they taught me the true meaning of being an artist. Here’s my sample.

Doodle project for Self Love

Yeah, I followed the rules. I admit it was fun to just let go and not worry about the final piece. What I enjoyed the most is, can I do whatever I want! My best work happens when I… am free to do whatever I want.