Creative Exploration

Simple, Playful and Colorful

orange full of heart blooms

I’m noticing a pattern. When I paint it’s like the watercolor paper turns into this space on a forgotten wall, a wall on the outside of a building. There’s this one wall you’d glance at as you’re waiting in line for a restaurant. All of that leads me to Anthropologie. Here’s what I mean. Art that is simple, playful, colorful and an invitation to always be you. Yes, that is how I feel about my art. Oh, that works!

These blooms were painted with an intended pink and orange. I can’t seem to get the pinks I have in my head on the page. If you know of a quinacridone magenta watercolor, then please let me know. I love the colors and the heart petals. I splattered on accident and turned that into a happy accident. I painted a few layers on the petals to get the blue right. Acrylic you are so good to me.

I bought some new watercolor paper. Spring is near! I’m going to wrap up the color book from here until spring. Until then, the color book is a journal of my thoughts on color and so I’m going to write and paint what my creative spirit demands. There’ll be collage–oh I can paint some blue texture paper and finish that design today.

These blooms are to remind us that just because Valentine’s Day was yesterday, doesn’t mean the loving stops. Love yourself. Love others.