Creative Exploration

Collage Moon & Stars

acrylic painted background with a blue boon in Eric Carle style

My beautiful stars are barely visible, all I need is a little more ink.

Yes, I think this poem will work…

Without a dark sky there is no glowing moon.

To my heart, my mind, my soul, a boon

No dreams too big

No matter the season there’ll always be a fig

Moon, the way you glow

Needs and wants I have them, this I know

Of course, there was that time when crazy was in the car, in my mind really…

Ridding along in the car. I could get caught up in the talk, in the way things ought to be. Say! The stars shine extra bright tonight. How is it that I have never noticed before? Not like this. The stars are so far way and tiny. However small, they still illuminate the sky, my heart and my mind.